Improved Ruby syntax highlighting for Notepad2

Notepad2 ScreenshotIn my previous post about Notepad2 (Notepad2 with Syntax highlighting for Ruby, YAML, Bash and Conf), I posted a modified version of the Notepad2 editor which included syntax highlighting for Ruby and some other languages.

I have now extended Scintilla’s Ruby lexer and Notepad2 to support seperate syntax highlighting for symbols, instance variables, class variables and global variables. I also added the keywords “private”, “protected” and “public” to Notepad2′s keyword list.

Download the new, modified Notepad2. This version includes English and German binaries and the complete source code including Scintilla.

Update: I have made some more small modifications to the Ruby lexer which fix some bugs. A single ‘:’ character is now no longer highlighted as a symbol, and expressions such as “@test.x” are now highlighted correctly (@test as a local variable, . as an operator and x as an identifier). Download the fixed version from above.

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  2. re:inventar Says:

    Notepad2 with Ruby syntax highlighting…

    I use Notepad2 on a daily basis, it’s one of my favourite apps. I like Notepad2 because it’s a small, fast,free and has syntax highlighting for HTML and other common languages (CSS, JAVA, C++, etc).
    My only grasp is the lack of tabs, so I h…

  3. Mladen Mihajlovic Says:

    I wonder, could you also have a look at the Scintilla code and see if you could improve the long-lines bug. It can get quite irritating when the scrollbar doesn’t scroll the whole way. I know you can press end, but it’s still irritating. :)

  4. Paul Says:

    I too love Notepad2 but it has a bug which bothers me. When you paste a large amount of text into a new document with word wrap enabled and then save the file, Notepad2 will crash. I’ve spoken to Florian about this and he did fix the bug in an updated test version of sorts but the versions that have Ruby support built in still suffer from this problem.

  5. LV Says:

    Try Notepad++ :
    It supports also ruby (as well all the web language), and it beats notepad2 in every aspect :
    small, fast, tab (like firelox), syntax folding…